Address: 120 Harvest Moon Dr. Bolton, Ontario L7E 2W1

Phone: 905-857-7582

Fax: 905-857-9353

Website: http://www.dpcdsb.org/NICHO

Principal: Anna D'Agostino

Vice Principal: Mariavelia Viola

St. Nicholas Elementary School, was opened in September 2003 and blessed on October 14, 2004. An addition of six classrooms was completed in 2008, increasing the capacity of the school to approximately 800 students.  


Saint Nicholas is said to be just about everyone's patron Saint.  He is widely known as the patron saint of children.  His patronage also embraces sailors and ships—offering them safe voyage and protection from storms.  He is also known as patron saint of prisoners and others wrongly condemned.  Saint Nicholas had a strong concern for justice.


The school, rooted in the examples of Saint Nicholas, is inspired by its motto, “Anchored in Faith, Understanding, and Peace.”  Student faith leadership and academic excellence are at the heart of learning and growing together as a school community. Student parliament, student youth faith ambassadors, student environmental leaders, student athletic leaders, playground leaders and student peace makers combine their efforts to emulate the spirit of Saint Nicholas, placing the needs of others before themselves.  Frequent outreach activities stem far and wide, often embracing local, regional, national and international needs.


St. Nicholas School has a close connection with Holy Family Parish in Bolton.  Staff, students and parents are spiritually supported by the parish team of priests and pastoral workers who frequent the school, enriching the faith life of all.  For more information about the school, please visit St. Nicholas School Website.