Address: 61 Allan Drive Bolton, On, L7E 1P7

Phone: 905-857-1300

Fax: 905-857-9432

Website: http://www.dpcdsb.org/HOFAM

Principal: Maria Bracco-Clarot

Holy Family School was built on the present site at 61 Allan Drive in Bolton, Ontario.  The original school was opened in 1966.  The Board of Trustees at that time consisted of John Walsh - Chairman and Peter Moore - Secretary as well as Ernest Biason, William Coyle, James Gay, Richard O'Brien and William Remnant.  The Pastor was Rev. J.E. Lawlor. 

Holy Family School had a number of expansions over the years and eventually it was decided that a new school was needed to replace the original.  Demolition began and students and staff shared the premises of St. Nicholas Elementary School here in Bolton. 

Holy Family Elementary School re-opened for the 2004-2005 school year.  Our Chairperson at the time was Arthur Peters, our Trustee was Sandro Scerni and our Pastor was Rev. Jude Coyle. 

Our new school will serve the community for some time to come.  Our students are taught in light of the Gospel values both within the curriculum as well as the day to day experience of school life.