For more information about the Columbian Squires please contact. Sam Gallo 905-857-2320, Vince Salvatore 905-951-1626 or Dennis Busca 905-857-3865

squires The Columbian Squires Program is open to boys 10-18 years old, and was developed to enhance a young man's opportunities in life.  It offers them leadership training, self confidence and moral guidance needed to succeed.  With the many different types of organizations for young men in today's world, what makes the Squires different? Unlike other organizations, this is a Catholic organization that builds character, develops leadership qualities, promotes the Catholic faith and lends a helping hand in the Parish and the community with Charity work, by doing collections and donations for those less fortunate. 

The Squires meet every Wednesday nights, September to June, at Holy Family Church @ 7:00 PM for Mass, prior to starting our general meeting that is held in the Church Hall, or activities that are held at Holy Family School.


More information about the organization can be accessed on the Ontario Website

Did You Know?

That there are 793 Columbian Squires members in 54 Circles in the Province of Ontario!

That there are 27,323 Columbian Squires members in 1,555 Circles worldwide!