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Lay Liturgical Ministers


The liturgy is the communal prayer of the Church.  We gather because God has called us to come together as the one body of Christ.  There is nothing private about our liturgy.  The celebration of liturgy is not a time for private prayer. Our personal relationship with God is vitally important.  From Sunday to Sunday we nurture our relationship with God through personal and private prayer and devotions.  On Sunday (Saturday evening) when we gather for the Church’s primary liturgy of the week we gather to celebrate as the one body of Christ.


Called to Serve God by Serving the Body of Christ


All lay liturgical ministers are able to serve in a specific liturgical ministry because of our baptism.  Baptism joins us to Jesus in his death and resurrection.  Through the waters of baptism we participate in the Paschal Mystery.  Baptism immerses us into the school of discipleship.  All of the baptized are called to serve God by serving others.  The Church announces that the baptized share in the priesthood of Christ.  A priest is a messenger between God and God’s people.  A priest carries a message of love from God to the people and a prayer from people back to God.  Because we share in the priesthood of Christ, the priesthood of the baptized, we are made able to serve the Body of Christ in a specific lay liturgical ministry.


Active Participation


During the Sunday liturgy our first role is to be an active member of the assembly. All of the baptized are called to full, conscious and active participation throughout the entire liturgy.  Full participation includes singing, responding to all the prayers and listening attentively to the proclamation of God’s Word. This participation cannot be separated from an interior participation in mind and heart.